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Do you always see people parking without permission on your property? Do you need to find a reliable service that specializes in illegally parked car tow? If you just nodded in agreement, then Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. is waiting to hear from you. We have a reputation for being one of the hardest working tow companies in Indian Trail, NC. You can also hire our services in the other adjacent areas, such as Cornelius, Pineville, and Kannapolis. If you’re looking to have an unwanted car towed, we’ll be there as soon as possible.

There are many reasons why you may need to have a car towed. Some people abandon broken down vehicles on private property. Others may break the rules of a local parking lot. You may also need a tow if you are experiencing vehicle problems. No matter why you want to call a tow truck, Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. is the company for you. We’re the number one towing company in your area.

Here at Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc., we have plenty of experience in the towing industry. All of our drivers have been thoroughly trained, so you know we’re ready for any job you may have. Our tow trucks are reliable, and you can count on us to arrive on time and ready to work. We want to ensure you have a good experience with us. That’s why we do everything possible to provide all of our customers with top-notch service. 

If you need someone who is skilled in towing illegally parked vehicles, then Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. is the first place to contact. We specialize in illegally parked car tow. Our towing services have proven helpful to countless customers from Indian Trail, NC, and the other adjacent regions. We hope you’ll call our office today to get more information regarding our towing services.