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Do you often need to call a tow truck to remove abandoned vehicles from your lot? Are you looking to find a great towing service with years of experience? Those in Salisbury, NC will be happy to know what one of the best tow companies is right here in town.

Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. offers a complete range of tow and recovery services. We even work in the neighboring towns, like Waxsaw, Charlotte and Huntersville. No matter what time you need a tow truck, we’ll make sure one of our expert drivers is dispatched to you right away.

Parking lot owners lose a lot of money by drivers who simply don’t follow the rules of the lot. Whether they don’t pay for their spot or overstay their limit, our team at Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. can help you out. Our parking enforcement services ensure any vehicles that are violating your rules are towed quickly. We’ll keep an eye on your lot, and if you ever have problems with a parked vehicle, leave it up to us to handle. Our rates are fair and sure to fit into your budget. Let us provide you with a quote.

We are also known for our stealthy repo services here at Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. Repossession is something we’re good at, and everyone on our team is highly qualified to manage your scheduled repo. Give us the details and we’ll send our best men out to take care of it for you. Once you use our services, we’re confident you’ll never go anywhere else.

The best towing service near Salisbury, NC and the neighboring towns is found right here at Automobile Recovery & Parking Enforcement, Inc. We are passionate about what we do, and you are sure to have a great experience when you choose us. From parking enforcement to repos, we truly do it all. Contact us soon if you need our tow truck to lend you a hand.